Ok, I’m aware this is August so a resolution-ey type post might be completely out of place right now, but hey I don’t give a hoot!
I’ve made myself these framed printouts. Just little inspirational images I found on pinterest. One I made myself from a quote I liked and felt was relevant. The frames are from home bargains, they were really cheap, and they’re plastic but they’re adorable and I love the colours. 

Pretty cute I think!

Now as for my goals.. I’ve managed to round them down to a few.
These are the ones that made the cut!
– Read More
– Get Healthier
– Produce more Art
– Make my routines efficient
– Blog More
– Have better nails!
It’s all well and good writing them down – need to plan though! Plan, plan and plan a bit more. So here’s how I’m planning to accomplish these.

Read More

Well, at first I thought about buying a kindle ’cause those things look ever so nifty. However after a bit of research I realised my empty bookshelf thing in iBooks is actually an e-reader app with a whole store to accompany it. Hurrah! So obviously I’ve stuck to using that. I originally got myself a couple of those free self help books, but Bajeez-o! some of them feel like a chore to read. I ended up researching some sci-fi books and I’ve decided on The Martian by Andy Weir. It seems to have great reviews.. now bearing in mind I’ve not read a single solitary book this year.. I’d be more than happy if it took me a few
years weeks to complete. So that’s my immediate plan for reading more.

Get Healthier 

Ok this covers a few things I guess. I do need to lose weight, there’s no denying that. I’m going to continue with reducing my calories to a sensible amount – I actually have been doing this, but without a short term goal mishaps happen just a
fuckton little too often. Furthermore I also want to exercise more, I can do this a few ways currently. Well.. I could do it more than a few ways but there’s two I’m comfortable with. I have a treadmill at home, I can use this each night or second night in the comfort of my home whilst watching TV or listening to music. I also have 2 dogs, a big german shepherd and a chihuahua. So obviously I’ll be taking the big one a walk a few times a week when the boys are at school. I am such a lazy cook. I like cooking. I’ll try any recipe so long as I actually know what the ingrediants are, trouble is with two fussy kids who usually want different meals ( with one of my boys i’m just happy that he actually eats) It’s a bit difficult to consider actually cooking for just me. I tend to stick with easy one pot / microwave / oven meals. There’s just so much less faffing about and faffing about is something that I have no time for especially on school nights!
Produce more art
This one’s going to be difficult. I find it difficult to work in an area that’s NOT college. In college there’s no distractions. You’re there, you do your work, you come home. Home is a different kettle of fish, and for me I’m admittedly a bit of overly compulsive about cleaning. I can’t really get on with stuff if other stuff needs done. Like right now.. I know I need to finish the garden, I know I need to start thinking about redecorating the kitchen and because I’m AT HOME all of this seems more important than practicing artwork. But I will work at it! I’ll just need to think about how or at least force myself to just get on with it.
Make my Routines Efficient
Okay, so I shared before a post about my three planners, now I’ve got to admit these are an absolute lifesaver and the keep me at my most efficient. However, I’ve come to realise that when I’m keeping on top of the cleaning.. I don’t actually need to do things as often as I’d originally thought. So I think I might need to re-jiggle my housework plan that I have in the front of my planner. I can try and bunch similar things together like for example.. if im downstairs cleaning out the lizard I may aswell brush the dog, or if I’m cleaning out the car outside I may aswell cut the grass at the same time. Silly things like that. Might seem like codswallop to some people.. but knowing that I AM getting these done, really makes me feel at ease. This is coming from someone who would leave her lawn to get so overgrown that her brothers would end up coming to do it anyway. So it definitely works for me. Routines / Efficiency, gimme more!
Blog More
Urggggh. I know I KEEP saying this. But I really do want to blog more, I feel so much better when I know I’ve updated. I want a thing to look back on. A reminder of what was. It also keeps me on my toes. So I think keeping a wee note of ideas to blog about might help.
Have better nails
I confess. I have a horrible habit. I’m always chewing and nibbling away at my nails. It’s disgusting. I long for clickity clackity keyboard nails. Primed with a glorious deep red glossing of nail varnish. But with my stubby nails and how they are right now, that’s not going to happen. At least not with some care and prepping. So.. I think I’m going to do a bit of research on how I should properly care for my nails and some tips and things n keep updating on how it goes.
Now, I like goals. So I’m going to make these into goals. Correction.. I’m going to make these into achievable goals. I’m going to give myself until around this time next month. Actually.. to make things easier I think I’ll make this a month to month thing.. So we’ll say from now until the end of September, which gives me a little headstart.
Goal Date: 30th September
– Read More: Read one book. – Be at least almost finished “The Martian”.
– Get Healthier: Lose one stone. – I’m aiming for 2-3 lbs a week weightloss. Combining efforts in reducing calories and exercising more this shouldn’t be too difficult as long as I stick to it. So from now until the 30th is just over 5 and a half weeks. So 10-15lbs. If I lost around this I’ll be more than happy.
– Produce more Art: Fill 2 more Pages. – Have minimum 2 more pages done towards my sketchbook for college. (doesn’t have to be detailed finished works, can even be development pages)
– Blog More. 8 posts minimum – *Scratches head* I’m thinking at least 3 every 2 weeks.. so say 8 posts by the 30th of September.
– Have better nails! Hmmm. I’ll need to seriously research this and just get on with it, I’m sure the proof’ll be in the picture!
Anyway, that’ll do.

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