Goals for the New Year


I am struggling to comprehend that 2017 is already here, the last year has gone by so fast! I’m glad it’s here though, 2016 has been such a weird year. There’s been so many celebrity deaths, the refugee crisis, politics. Trump. Need I say more?
I wanted to write down my goals for this year, so I can try stick to them. They always seems a little bit more set in stone when they’re written down, don’t you think?


Main Focus


Lose Weight

I along with many others set this goal every year and fail to do it. As cliche as it sounds, I’m feeling positive about it this year, a change in the wind.  A post will follow with my weight loss plan.




Most of this year, my blogging focus has been on aesthetics and going self hosted. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret it. I love how my blog looks and I’m much more settled with self hosted WordPress than I was any other platform. I wouldn’t change it. Only issue being this all took time. Time that took my focus away from creating blog content, so for that reason this year the focus will be on content.





Marie Kondo! I have began reading “the life changing magic of tidying” by Marie Kondo. Who reads about tidying?! Me. Along with many others – it’s a well written book that changes your mindset on hoarding. Teaching you to love everything you own and the things you don’t love so much, that serve no purpose have little place in your life. I’ve not finished the book but I plan to go through all my belongings with this in mind and declutter my home.





I live in Falkirk. A beautiful town. It’s close to two amazing cities full of culture, museums and places the kids will love. I want to make more of an effort to find places to go and actually go there. I tend to rely on recommendations but I want to research my own places to visit.




Goals I’ll at least think about

from time to time




If you’ve read previous posts, you’ll know I struggle with anxiety. I’ve not spoken to the Doctor about it so it’s unmedicated but I do have quite bad bouts of it. I hate speaking on the phone, I used to get my mother to phone everyone on my behalf. Also hated going shopping, did most of it online, I didn’t take the kids anywhere. This has improved loads. I feel more comfortable after I’ve forced myself into these situations. (not beforehand yet) but I think if I continue with this in mind, one day I’ll realise I have nothing to worry about.. (that’s the hope at least.) I want to go to some things just for me as well as things for the kids.





I’m not all that fussed about this one. I love doing creative things – it’s calming, keeps me in my zone. Firstly, crafts. I do want to take the time to make do and mend a few things I own rather than replacing them with shiny new ones. I want to create things for the wall instead of buying them. I’ve never took the time to create the way I want to. I’ve just done the “in thing”. Alongside the thing I should do according to college lecturers or what I should do according to ‘advance your art’ guides. If I research the art I like, I’ll be quite happy at that. If I begin practicing it then that’ll be a bonus.




I have to admit.. with money and budgeting I manage well but I do not save. I know what I have to spend, I know what’s due to come out of the bank soon. I’ve never made the conscious effort to save for anything other than expensive purchases. I want to begin saving for the sake of saving. One main saving goal is to save enough for a comfortable Disneyland trip next year (2018.) Also because of my anxiety, I’d like to have a fair amount saved on top too incase of emergencies. It’s also good to have savings so I’m not in dire straits if anything breaks down at home which is another reason saving is one of my goals for the year.


This is my round up for this year. What are you goals for this year? Hopefully this time next year I’ll have already posted about how well I’ve done 😉 


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