A short time ago I posted a goal plan from the 21st august till now.
I was aiming to do a few things.
Read more– Complete The Martian (A book I picked before realising it was being made into a movie..) – ( I decided this wasn’t worth the stress when I was giving up sleep to do it)
Produce Art– Fill in 2 more pages in my sketchbook – (This hasn’t happened as I’ve been too busy sadface)
Blog more– Do at least 8 posts by the 30th sep – (I’m kinda happy with the progress made on this so I’ll say I managed it)
Have better nails –  Meeeh . . I wouldn’t say theyre where I want them to be just yet, but they are trimmed, (Not gnawed!) and they’ve been shaped, just waiting on them growing a bit more now.
Get healthier– Lose 14lbs – This one I was absolutely sure I’d messed up – but turns out much to my surprise I actually managed it! I didn’t try too hard, I could’ve been much better but I’m happy I managed my original goal.
I guess I gave myself too much to do, I’ve had a few things I’ve been doing which I’ll post about so I’ve been very busy, I’ve also been ill. So I think I’ll make monthly goals more achievable.
So, onwards and upwards!

October Goals.

Healthier– Lose another 8lbs at least, Start using treadmill more.
Blog– 7-10 posts by the end of October.
Produce art– I’m not gonna say how much, but have SOMETHING done.
Lastly – look into courses for next year – check what I want to apply for and what I need to produce for the interview.

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