Halfway Goal

here’s a few BAD SWEARY WORDS in this post..Okay? Good. I’m not gonna lie to you. This all went to shit. I did lose about 11lbs and proceeded to put half it back on all in this short time absolutely hold myself accountable. Still gonna aim for the goals though, just means I’ve given myself double the work! Faaaaaab. I’ve done a few blog posts.. So I’m kinda alright there I think. I’ve been biting my nails to fuck! So I’m absolutely giving up on that “goal” for now. Only so many things you can tackle at once eh? Pick and choose your battles, I’m choosing mines.
So to round it down, that leaves me with about 10lbs to lose in all of 2 weeks. I’m hopeful that I’ll do it. I’ll set my mind to it and get it done. If I have spare time I’ll be on the treadmill, If I have no food in I’ll be going to the store instead of the takeaway. It’s easy to see where I fuck up. Habits of a lifetime though!  And then there’s reading, that’s actually a thing I enjoy doing I just seem to pick all the pointless shit that takes up too much time over it for some reason.. Things like phone games or watching tripe on the telly or on reddit. And lastly, two pages of my sketchbook. I could’ve done this easily I just never took the time. I haven’t been using my planners as much and I think that’s where I’m fucking up. If I think to myself “right, I’ve got this, this and that to do today how am I fitting it in” then I do! I get it done, but if I don’t plan it I find myself chilling and the 10 minutes on reddit turns into hours. It’s easy to avoid doing things when you haven’t really decided to actually do them so I think I’ll be changing that.
I’ve been up to quite a bit lately.. I’m in the middle of redecorating my kitchen and the stuffs being delivered next week. I’m putting up lil’ fakey wood panel things.. I’ll show you when it’s done! I went with my brother for his first tattoo too (I paid for it as an 18th birthday pressie) it was fabby. He sat like a trooper. Secretly proud as punch but I won’t tell him that. 😉 I’ve got the new kitchen flooring to lay too so I’ll be a busybee over the next week or two but thankfully at the end of it I’ll be sitting with a shiney fresh newly decorated kitchen. Hurraaaaah!

Till next time


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