goals 2016: My plan for the year ahead


Goals for 2016

I’m not a great goal keeper and I don’t mean football..I seem to be in the habit of setting myself goals and giving up when I realise they’re becoming unreachable. I usually just give up and whatever progress I make fizzles out. Whether that is losing weight, doing more artwork, reading more. It starts off with good intentions but leads onto me feeling worse. Usually because my unreachable goals are too far ahead. So for this year I’m going to set myself some improvements to make as opposed to goals. Which should lead to forming good habits. Now there’s quite a few and most are maybe a wee bit daft for being yearly “improvements” but I’m absolutely alright with that.
I want to figure out how to actually use the bleeding thing. It seems like it’s a great way to find blogs to follow so I’d like to figure it out and use it hopefully with ease by the end of the year.
Get Healthier
I’ve got weight to lose, I’ve accepted that. So far in January i’m down almost a stone, which is rad. I want to drink more water. I’ve got a treadmill at home and want to use it more. I also want to walk the dogs further than normal and yada yada, which will all in turn lead to better health, and hopefully a more confident me.
This is a selfish one but that’s absolutely okay. Being selfish is good the odd occasion. I want to try and keep my skin healthy, make time for moisturising & suncream each morning. I want to have my hair and makeup done on more than the odd occasion as I feel much better than when I look like an extra from walking dead. I’m hoping the more I do my makeup the better it’ll look as I’m still a wee bit questionable some mornings when it’s rushed (we all have those days.. right?..no?)  And then just downtime. Some downtime will be great.
Be more social
Well, this is probably going to be the most difficult to be fair, I’m an absolute home bird and completely comfortable in my own company. So I guess this year if I work on attending the things I’m asked to and saying yes more then I’ll be quite happy at that – We’ll leave the further social things to the following year.


I’d like to learn a few more than the basic recipes I know or actually learn to cook to be honest. I’m absolutely horrendous mostly! I get by with the skin of my teeth thanks to straight to oven things and steamers! I’m too used to knowing the ingredients of something and just throwing what I think is the right amount into the pan. And hey, it usually works! But I reckon following recipes more makes sense, especially when trying out new ones.

Arts and Crafts

There’s no denying I’m an absolute art head. I will be returning to study art again in September following a year off. I want to practice my own thing more in my own time, and I also want to get the kids involved in doing wee crafts and making things for the house or keepsake gifts etc – it’s always fun! I’m going to use pinterest to try and keep a wee collection of them that I want to do. I’d love to make geeky cross stitches too, I used to do them when I was younger at my grannys and loved it and there’s no reason I won’t now, considering back then I was doing old fuddy duddy pictures- there’s the internet full of cool ones nowadays, and you can even make your own.

Stop wasting food

Firstly, trying to eat healthier combined with trying to not wasting money on “shit we’ve nothing in let’s get a takeaway” occurrences usually means stocking up, which is fab until you realise you stock too much resulting in half it being thrown out. I think I’ll need to at least reduce the “big shops” that I tend to do and just buy stuff every few days or so.
Unfortunately I do usually get them delivered by ASDA, however they have a £40 minimum spend limit for it to be free delivery on the delivery pass which is a tad over what I’d normally spend for just a few days of things (even with feeding the animals!) So I think I’m going to need to either meal plan and plan my shops and what I’ll need, or just go shopping every few days in order to meet this goal. So as to not waste money or food.
Be more thrifty
I guess the above is kind of included here but also just as much of an improvement on it’s own. I’d also like to track what I actually spend my money on. I do have a budget and work around it so that I’m never short.  I know to always keep money in for bills etc. The rest of it, however, is usually a free for all. Which isn’t when you get to the end of the month and wonder why you’re practically skint! I used to use topcashback and the likes often – but for some reason I’ve not been doing it at all for ages so I’m going to begin doing this more as well.
Well last year, I’ve got to admit that this really has been the first blog of mines I’ve actually kept up with and bothered about somewhat. I enjoy blogging it’s definitely self expression for me, encourages me to keep being creative and I like the idea of having something to look back on for whatever reason. So I’m hoping to keep up with it.
I’m absolutely best organised and able to concentrate when there’s no clutter. Now Clutter can be everything from general clutter in the house to a cluttered head and nowhere to declutter. So I’ll need to make a plan out for decluttering. I find it much easier to get through things with a checklist so I’ll be doing that soon.
As for the rest, I’m feeling really positive for this year. I’m looking forward to caravan holidays and the better weather. Being back at college, the kids growing older, going out more. Just feeling generally positive about it all and it’s great.
Hope you all had a good new year, and all the best for 2016!

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