Hopes & Wishes tag: 2017

We all know I’m a bit OCD about planning, so this hopes & wishes tag was right up my street. I was tagged by the lovely Sarah who blogs over @ Whimsical Mumblings. Thanks Sarah!

Personal Wishes


  • Get healthier: Lose weight / take vitamins / drink more water the whole shebang.
  • To up my self care game: Hair trims / nail care / moisturising – I’m a bit of a slacker in all the above.
  • Be more social: I am an absolute hermit, less so lately actually but I’d like to continue with not being a hermit.
  • Take time to not be mum: I am mum 24/7, I don’t get breaks. And the rare occasion I do, I am decorating the house, or cleaning the house, or doing some sort of thing that I don’t actually enjoy. I want to take time to be ‘Terri’ again. I almost feel selfish when my world doesn’t revolve around my two kiddywinkles 100% of the time. (more to follow..)
  • Be more efficient: I am quite pernickity about housework- I do it, eventually. But I have a habit of doing it all in one go, it would be much easier if I spent some time doing little things each day than doing a weeks worth of laundry at once, or a days worth of dishes at once. 5 x 5 minute jobs throughout the day are more appealing than 25 minutes of cleaning.


Blog Wishes


  • Blog focus: I want to streamline my blog focus to suit what’s going on in my life – currently that’s my weightloss. So I plan to have a few more posts focussing on that.
  • Instagram: I want to utilise my instagram and use it to attract people to my blog – probably will start posting slimming world meals on there too, cause I like to pretend I can cook sometimes.
  • Personal posts: I seem to not post my rambly / ranty , ‘what I’ve done this week’ posts as often and I’d like to start doing that again.
  • Take part in linkies: I’m still a bit confused on how linkies work – but I’m going to look into them soon and hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have taken part in a few.
  • DA: Domain Authority. I want to increase my domain authority, I don’t normally focus all that well on stats and am happy rambling away 90% of the time, but it has taken me a long time to get it up from zero, so I’ll hopefully have it higher by the end of the year.


Family Wishes


  • L: I hope that L’s behaviour settles down a bit, he’s been quite crabbit lately and it’s very draining. But as he’s non verbal it’s really difficult to know why, what or if anything is causing it.
  • M: M has seriously impressed me this year. He’s came on leaps and bounds with his school work, long may it continue! He’s a very friendly boy, and I hope his friendships flourish in the coming year. He craves friendships and it’s something he struggles with, as social cues don’t seem to catch on sometimes.
  • Days out: I want to make as many memories as possible. To go out exploring as a family – even if it’s just museum trips or something.
  • Family friends: Or more to the point – mum friends! Really easy to go places when there’s another adult to help shepherd kids when one is being unruly.
  • Big Holiday: I want us to be at least halfway prepared for a holiday to Disneyland (hopefully in 2018 / 2019!) Either Paris or Florida.

    Hopes And Wishes

  • Politics: I hope the coming generations aren’t effected adversely by the crap that’s spoonfed to them by the media. I hope Donald Trump ‘s wall falls on top of him and crushes him to death quits. I also hope Teresa May isn’t Maggie Thatcher 2.0
  • For us: I hope at the end of the year I don’t feel as though I should’ve done more this year.  I hope I stick to my guns and continue to better myself & my kids as much as I can. I hope continue to not let people walk over me, but similarly that I trust people more.


I’m very late to the party for this tag, as it was a New year thing. So I’m not tagging anyone. You want to do it? Go right ahead!

What are your hopes and wishes for the year?


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  1. 31st January 2017 / 11:11 pm

    This is a great post! I hope all your wishes & dreams come true this year!

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