Pre Christmas update.

Well, hellll-oooo there.  Finally got round to posting that massive ranty post (this one.) Who am I kidding? Almost every post I write is a massive ranty post, hehe. Anyway.. what have we been up to? Well. I joined the boys up to a club called Falkirk autistic Bairns – not sure if I mentioned it previously as I’ve been terribly lacking in posting of late. It’s basically a club in which all local autistic children and their familys can attend – it’s great for us. Works out fabulously. Leon can sit in the makeshift sensory room whilst his brother plays the wii u with some of the other boys. We joined in the start of September – have been every weekend apart from 1 as we were at a birthday party – and been to a theatre production & a pantomime also! The boys also enjoyed the Christmas party there too. It’s great fun and it’s good to speak to other mums and let the boys let of steam.

Leon at his Christmas Party with F.A.B

Leon looking out into the gym hall at F.A.B

The Pantomime we went to see with F.A.B (it was great!)

We also went to the Christmas market in Edinburgh, Max, my cousin Amy and myself. We went on the train there – Max is a big fan!

We were going to bring Leon along too however knowing how busy it would be he’d need his wheelchair – he broke the clasp for his wheelchair. Thankfully as well – the place was mobbed. Genuinely could hardly walk by nevermind with a wheelchair. Leon would have hated it! We met with my pals Rachel and Sarah through there, and Rachel brought along her nephew Caden so Max had someone to company him. Edinburgh Christmas market is ridiculously busy at weekends. Don’t recommend going at this time if you’re taking young kids – also they way the sell tickets for rides is silly. You go to a “ticket stall” and buy tickets for the exact ride you’re going on – now you may not have seen all the rides so might not know which ones you wish to go on (as kids do!)- so you have to decide there and then or leave and return to buy more tickets. I dont understand why they don’t sell token bundles (even if the tokens are printed out instead of actual tokens. (20 tokens for £20 etc) instead of saying £2 for this ride, £3 for this ride) You could buy tokens in bulk and use them as you please going around the market.

 I put the Christmas Decorations up.

Max got glasses too. I’ve suspected for a while that he needed them. He’d been for eye tests but failed to co-operate – this time he wanted to go for one. He even said to me the night before “Mum I can see two of you” haha. I’d have been surprised if he came out without them.


We went to visit Santa. One of the best we’ve been to! This is the Santa from the Howgate Shopping Centre in Falkirk. Leon is non verbal, doesnt like busy places / strange faces and look at this photo. He’s sitting with a big cheesy grin on a strangers knee.

How? Well. The Howgate shopping Centre introduced a “Sensory Sunday” hour. Meaning from 11am- noon there would be no music in any of the stores in the shopping centre. It is a less busy day. With the reduction in noise alone the place was so peaceful. Leon went in without his wheelchair, went shopping in a store as we arrived a little bit early. The “Grotto” itself is book only before noon. So 11-12 is solely for ASN children. You prebook your slot. We booked for 11.10AM. We had the option to buy some photographs – the boys loved getting there pictures taken. Santa Clause was very magical for them, he’d convinced them he was using magic to make the nose on their rudolf jumper squeak. He even interacted with Leon (even though he’s non vebal) It was lovely. Something both boys will remember for a long time I’m sure. Max doesn’t stop telling people how Santa is magic as he used his magic to make his nose squeak. I’ll definitely be bringing them up if Sensory hour continues passed the festive season.


 Here’s a cute shot of Mario looking all festive, ’cause why not.

Lastly, with Leon having behavioural issues just now, I decided that it would be ideal to install a full on sensory room in his half of the room. I have bought, created and installed PVC coated wall padding and floor padding underneath Leons loft bed, fitted a mirror in the corner ready for his bubble lamp. I’ve ordered a bunch of sensory lighting for his Christmas (Leon has very little interest in toys) Hopefully with these all in, Leon will be less aggressive and able to calm himself down easier. On the plus side, we also put the padding near his bed.. which happens to be where he kicks walls the most. (Mostly in anger! sometimes when he’s bouncing around) The padding should lessen how much it might hurt him, and also stop me from having to repair walls! Win win.
The boys just broke up for school holidays today and are sleeping overnight at grannys house. Leon slept for 2 hours last night. Tonight is my chance to catch up on housework and sleep without being awakened through the night. So I’m taking it up!

How’s your festive season going?


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