School Photos & end of year gifts

School Photos

School photos are an absolute must in my house. I’d recently spent £47 on a special long print of my sons primary one class that was framed – purely because I’d have to frame it myself anyway as it was such a long photo! They are usually taken around the same time – and your children are wearing the same’ish clothes so it can be a good indicator at how much they’ve grown up. My wee boys are going into primary 3 this year and I can already tell the massive difference between this year and last!
I love these frames. They’re so cute. They’re actually from poundland, who’d have thought?!  I do have the bigger photographs printed off and in storage for them when they’re older, but I think by the time they’re in primary 7 I’d have ran out of room on my walls for much else. So I’m going to stick to having the smaller photo on my wall, displayed like this! I printed the little “primary 1” etc signs using my brother pt-1080 label printer (LOVE!)
You’ve probably noticed they wear different uniforms. They both go to alternative units at different schools to help with their additional needs. Because of this – each of my boys is in a class with 6/7 people at most! Which is super – they usually have an assistant in the classroom too. Both of them have came on leaps and bounds this year which makes me super proud of them both. At Christmas and the end of the school year I always give a gift to each child’s transport assistant, driver, and teacher.
They usually only cost a few pounds each to do. Next year I’m hoping I’ll have time to make some keyrings or something. Maybe cross stitch for gifts instead! Should be much more fun, and also completely unique!
Do you guys give your child’s teachers gifts at the end of the year, if so what are your go to teacher gifts?

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