Slackin’ in the posting

Hey buds. I am getting irritatingly shit at keeping this updated. I’ve been holding back actually.. I’ve still not quite finished the boys room got a few bits here and there to do. I was also hoping to do crafts and stuff and was thinking I could post them when they were done but I’ve not gotten round to them (CAUSE I SUCK.)
As for weight loss, I’m part of a subreddit called loseit on reddit (GOOOOOGLE) and there’s a challenge thing where basically a bunch of dudes n dudettes lose weight over a certain length of time. It’s like weight watchers, but free, online and kinda anonymous?  I guess.. It’s super. Feels like a challenge and I’m very competitive! First week I lost 8lbs. I know most will be water weight but hey I’m cool with that. Still frequently using the treadmill so hopeful that it shall continue.
Christmas is dawning at an unbelievable rate. Don’t you just hate that, in August you’re thinking.. hey I’ve got like 4 months. Then suddenly BAM you’re halfway through November with the spreadsheets out working out what gifts you’ve already got and what you haven’t. I think at this rate I’m just worrying for the sake of worrying. Bleh.
ps. Today I was at the dentist. It sucked.
Hope all is well

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