Today was a bad day.

Boy do I love to start on a positive note.
But yes, this week so far has been incredibly bad. Firstly, to the school transport organiser being an absolute buffoon once again and such a fucking pencil pusher. She arranges transport to the boys schools as they’re outwith local catchment area. Apparently arranging for them to stop 5 minutes earlier on the same route at a house the taxi LITERALLY drives passed (so the kids can be dropped of at my mums) is too much.
Secondly, to the Photography lecturer who convinced me that basic illustration would be covered in a graphic Design course, more than a fine arts course. (Of course it’s fucking not, it is in fact covered in the Fine Arts course) Thus making me agree to a switch (for all of one day)
Thirdly, to the lecturer who refused to switch me back to the fine arts course, when it was the course I was accepted into – citing no spaces were available EVEN THOUGH I was granted said space, and no waitlist applicants were called upon me switching for one measly day. Who practically stated “Well your options are stick or leave as the course applications are closed now.” So I pretty much told said lecturer to stick her course where the sun doth not shine. (Yep. College free) 
And Fourthly to the shitty, shit fuckers who come out of the woodwork after blatantly ignoring you when everyone else that entertains them briefly disappears into the woodwork. I take in everything. You can also… ahem
 go fuck yourself - go fuck yourself Spongebob rainbow

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