We’re almost in March

Yeah. We’re almost in fucking March – which means almost two full months has passed since the New Year! Who’d have thunk it? Not me.. Feels like it was last week sometime. I’m down 20lbs since New year (woo.. yay me ) I’m 25 soon (quarter of a bleedin century) Portfolio due in for entering next years course-  almost sorted. I’ve got my shit together kinda and got it together without being major stressed which makes such a difference (as I’m sure most of you know). Weeding out the things I shouldn’t really be giving a fuck about has honestly helped so much. Less stressful – and holy Bullet Journal / Bujo! The planning method I recently discovered – Amazing. (have a look on pinterest or instagram!) So much love for this type of planning – Absolutely great having all my notes and snippets I try to remember swindled down into one or two notepads. I mean previously I was working using Any.do / 3 planners / and google drive to make documents on big projects I was doing and keep track of all my shit- all of which is now in 2 trusty planners. Because it’s paper and its written down there waiting to be marked done – I usually just get it done. It can be quite disappointing when I don’t mark them as done at the end of the day so that alone is proving a great motivation for actually doing the shit I want to do. If you’re looking for the perfect planner – bujo is the way to go it’s completely up to you how you do it and there’s so many cute examples – almost as many as the amazing efficient basic non artsy examples – it’s exactly what YOU want it to be. I’m going to pop up examples of layouts for bujo that I’ve done soon hopefully.
Two months in – I’m pretty alright with this year so far 🙂


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