Camera Lens: Clip on ones for your phone.

I came across these on amazon (I really need to stop browsing amazon late at night..) clip on camera lenses! I’m wanting to get a decent compact digital camera. I do have a DSLR but I find my phone can take pictures much quicker and the apps involved in editing pictures are much more accessible straight from my phone – ultimately I want to get a camera with easy sharing functions, the ability to record video and upload via wifi etc. Right now the effort of taking the photo with the dslr – removing the memory card- loading it to my computer, then uploading it to some sharing app to download it on my phone to edit is just not worth the extra detail in the photo unless I want a perfect portrait photo or something it’s just not worth the difference for blog posts or that. So I’m going to make do with my phone camera for now but thought these lenses would be fun. So who could say no, right? These were not expensive the whole set was £7. So I thought I’d have a shot at comparing with and without the add on lenses.

The Lenses

There are four lenses; fish eye, Wide angle & macro, telephoto, and CPL lens 
So included you get your little clip on thing that just sits over your normal phone camera lens – it has a rubber on the undersides to stop it scratching your phone and to help it stay attached. The little lens pieces just screw onto that. Each lens has its own little cover too.
Each lens has its own intended purpose.
CPL is a polarised light filter – for example say you’re taking a photo of flowing water and light hits and reflects of the water – some people like it but those who don’t can chose to use a polarised light filter and it will reduce the glare. You can see the light reflected from the lamp on my metallic cart is vastly reduced using this filter (see first two photos below).
Wide-angle lens projects a substantially larger image circle than would be typical for a standard design lens of the same focal length. So you’ll get more in the image using this.
Macro – Macro lenses are usually for only taking close up pictures- anything further is usually out of focus but for close ups it works very well. The macro lens is actually attached underneath the wide angle lens (to use wide angle the macro must be underneath – but to use macro you separate them) that’s why there’s only one example of macro.
Telephoto- Makes taking pictures of things further away easier as it replicates 2x optical zoom
Fish Eye-  gives you the fish eye effect 180º

 Photo Examples

Here’s the photo examples. There’s one with no lens, the others with lenses. I’m sure this is not the best uses but there’s a few different examples.
Overall I do think they help but it has to be in the correct setting with the correct lens type which might be a bit confusing to begin with but nothing a bit of trial and error won’t resolve. I’m going to keep using these whenever I feel the need.
Lastly.. here’s my derp cat interrupting me whilst I was trying to not look like the neighbourhood creep.

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