Bodyshop 2015 Christmas Advent Calendar Review.

The Bodyshop Christmas Advent Calendar.

I got my mum and myself this advent calendar on offer from bodyshop. I use HotUkDeals and always trail the app daily for good offers especially around Christmas time, and this came up at £39 instead of the normal £60 – so naturally I got two!

This is the first time I’ve bought anything other than the bog standard choccy advent calendar. (I totally had one of those too) So I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I’m absolutely glad I did though as it turns out that these are super fab. When you open the two main doors you’re presented with a kind of Boxed Jigsaw and they’re numbered the days of the advent. And obviously each day you open a box.. rocket science, I know!

In the box

Here’s what came in the box!
1. Frosted Cranberry Shimmer Lotion (60ml) – £8 per 250ml bottle
This smells lovely – but the sheen is immense so you really only need the smallest amount. It’s also quite moisturizing too. Great for nights out.
2. Vitamin E moisture Cream (15ml) –  £12 per 50ml pot
I’ve only recently began using this and I must admit I think I’ve found a new moisturiser. I hate sticky moisturisers – this is not one of them, it soaks right into your skin and doesn’t leave that “clogged up, scrubs off once dry” feeling that some moisturisers do. It’s light enough to use on your face. It’s quite an intense moisturiser too – so it’s definitely working overtime! I personally have sensitive skin and this moisturiser is seriously impressive. Now admittedly it’s a little more expensive than most bog standard moisturisers but I feel as though the extra punch this packs warrants the increased price, and a little certainly does go a long way with this cream. I think I might swap my normal day & night face creams for this range.
3. Shea Body Butter (50ml) – £14 per 200ml pot
£14 for 200ml? No. This isn’t great. This price is a rip off. First and foremost, fix the price. Secondly – I’m picking at strings here but the formula itself seems a little bit too thick and doesn’t seem to soak in very well (unless you stand around for an age flailing your arms around). It does smell amazingly divine in the pot – but the fragrance doesn’t transfer well to your skin and the oddly notsomuch smelling scent that’s left doesn’t last too long either. Now I’m really disappointed as I have used the Shea Shower cream from the same range and it’s much more pleasant. If they were to change the formula slightly – and have it with a better lasting / transferring smell then maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. I do prefer the strawberry one in the same range. However if Shea butter is what you’re going for the go for the Palmer’s Shea Butter Formula cream, currently £1.39 down from £2.09 for a 60g tube from Superdrug. Now – admittedly even Palmers doesn’t soak in instantly but I personally find it seems to soak in quicker than the Shea body butter – and it’s a fraction of the price! Completely acceptable.
4. Eye definer (Eyeliner pencil) in black – £8
Perhaps I’m being scrooge this year.. £8? No. I would not pay £8. It’s a bogstandard product from a premium store. It is soft, it is blendable, it still smudges like most other eyeliners on the market, doesn’t seem to pull on the skin so it’s easy to use. I’d certainly not say it’s bad but it’s definitely not worth the £8 asking price. It’s a smallish pencil to begin with too, had it been a large eyelining pencil then maybe. I’d only ever buy this if I really needed an eyeliner and it was convenient to get it from here. So many items available elsewhere that are better value.
5.Fuji Green Tea shower Gel (60ml) – £6 per 250ml
This stuff smells lovely. It’s not an overpowering smell, it completely reminds me of how spas smell and is so refreshing. It’s definitely unisex too. It lathers very well especially using a shower Poufy netty spongey thingymabob. It’s a bit expensive – don’t think the nice scent would be enough to sway me from my usual 2 quid supermarket buy.
6.bath lily (Not 100% sure its the same one) – £2
Bogstandard- does the job. (See poufy netty spongey thingymabob mentioned above) Plenty suitable alternatives in multipacks from poundland mind you.
7. Vitamin e Hydrating Toner (50ml) – £9.50 per 200ml bottle
Right.. I’ve never really been sure how you’re supposed to use toners. but according to the website, “A hydrating toner that removes traces of cleanser, dirt and makeup without drying the skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and refreshed. It leaves a velvety feel on the skin.” Which only leaves me even more confused. So you’re cleansing your skin of cleanser by using toner with leaves a velvety feel then moisturising afterwards? Is this really an additional step that anyone needs. Wouldn’t rinsing your face with water do the same job. So without even trying the product I’m pretty sure it’s something I won’t need. If toners are your thing then by all means give it a go.
8. Eyelash Curler – £5 each
It works! Like the rest of them. Ha.

9. Elderflower unperfumed eye gel (15ml)- £7.50 per 15ml pot
This is a really odd product. Putting gel on your eyelids feels odd. It does feel instantly cooling – but doesn’t leave them feeling cooled. It feels a bit sticky. I’ve even had it in the fridge as some people suggest – but do I really want to be running downstairs for cooling eye gel? Admittedly I don’t have many major eye area issues such as undereye circles or bumps or lines / puffiness etc so perhaps it’s just not something I’d likely need.
10.  Frosted Cranberry Heart Soap 25g
11. Shea Shower Cream (60ml)- £4 per 250ml
I do really love this stuff. It’s reasonably priced especially considering it’s a great quality shower cream. The Shea scent is amazing. It leaves your skin feeling clean and nourished and also leaves a lovely yet subtle scent. I struggle with some scented shower gels / creams because of my sensitive skin but this stuff was perfect. I’ve poured it in a bath too, probably not the best value for money this way but works just as good.
12. Almond hand and nail cream (30ml)- £5 per 30ml
This stuff is lovely, it really makes my hands and nails feel great there isn’t really a strong scent to it at all but it smells nice enough. The texture is amazing and it soaks up really quickly too, even after only a few uses my hands feel in much better condition.
Note: I also got a strawberry hand cream – I absolutely adore the smell of the strawberry one so for this reason I’d pick the strawberry one over the almond, but for those who don’t like strongly scented products this is probably the better option.
13. Strawberry Lip Butter pot (10ml) – £4 each
Sweet buttery lip balm, does its job. Bare in mind it’s not tinted and if you have dry lips you end up with pale looking white’ish bits wherever but hopefully a few uses of this and it’ll sort you out.
14. Shea heart Soap 25g
It’s soap. It does the trick and smells great.
15. Frosted Plum shimmer Lotion (60ml) – £8 per 250ml bottle
Similar to the cranberry one, but this one smells a bajillionzillion times better. So fruity! And again a fabulous sheen so for a night on the tiles with the pins out? this is the lotion you’re looking for. Star wars..anyone? No. Okay.
16. Vitamin E Night cream (15ml)- £13 per 50ml Pot
This is the night cream to the one I was raving about previously. Amazeballs.
17. Wild Argon Oil Shower Gel (60ml) – £4.50 per 250ml
This stuffs great. If you have trouble with shower gels drying out your skin then this is for you it’s soap free – so reduces that by a shit ton. Using a pouf it lathers beautifully and a tiny amount seriously does go a long way. It smells absolutely fab the scent does last a little while after too.
18. Eyeshadow Brush – £9 each
Little did I know having decent makeup brushes make a big difference to makeup application – I love soft brushes (like baby soft brushes) but having given this a go I realise maybe going for baby soft brushes all the time isn’t the best idea. The amount of product it can hold is unreal. I’d thoroughly recommend these brushes. They are a bit steep but so far there’s been no bristle loss and I’ve washed three times so far. More than impressed.
19. Fuji Body Lotion (60ml)- £8 per 250ml
Light, gorgeous  fresh clean subtle scent. Probably more suited for summer to be fair. Expensive though – so unless you really like it I’d have a look around.
20. Honeymania Lip Balm (10ml) – £4
This is legit the best lip balm I’ve ever had. I always suffer in the winter with bad lips. This stuff is amazing, it does feel like a thick layer is applied when you’ve only put a little on but that’s only because it coats and protects your lips from the elements. I’ll absolutely be repurchasing this when the pot runs out.
21. Frosted Plum Heart Soap 25g
It is soap.
22. Strawberry hand cream (30ml)- £4 per 30ml
Oh my lord.  This stuff smells amazing. Id literally coat myself in it if it wasn’t ridiculously expensive but I love the smell so much that it’s going to be a little treat for my ever so busy hands (they just need it..okay?)  I’m definitely going to be repurchasing this when it runs out. I very well may trail the shops website and keep an eye out for it going on offer. Absolutely cannot emphasise how much I really, really love this stuff. It’s the best smelling hand cream I’ve used, ever!
23- Emery board
Genius invention. Works.
24.  italian summer Fig Eau De Toilette  (10ml) – £8.50 per 100ml Larger bottle here
I hate to rate this badly.. but i really don’t like the smell of this stuff. It’s really horrid. I can’t fathom how people like it but my mum seems to love it. It smells really.. um.. like room freshener. Maybe? And even if it was room freshener I’d still be debating on whether I liked it or not.

25. Body Shop Colour Crush Relish the Moment 6.8ml- £5
This picture sucks at showing true colour – but this is a really nice red nail varnish. A surprise box none the less! Which was a nice touch. It’s joining my other few (too many) nailvarnishes on the shelf.
So! There you have it. 24 days of happiness.
Would I recommend this? –  Absolutely. When you tally up the total it does more than cover you, even though I’m not 100% a fan of some of the products I will get use out of them all, perhaps apart from the toner.
Would I have paid full price? – Hmmm. Probably not without knowing what’s in it. In hindsight, it does seem worth it and I know I’ll definitely consider it next year as I really loved the suspense of opening them each day – definitely gave me something to look forward to! I might treat myself.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it though I must admit and will be on the lookout for more next year in the sales before paying full price.

 Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.

Edit: 2017 – most of the links are removed as redirecting now – I assume some products will not be being made now so that’s most likely why.


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