CHEERZ App Review!

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I must admit – I’m absolutely terrible at getting photographs printed. I have thousands all stored in hard drives but very little printed or in albums or on the wall. Unless they are professionally done I dont usually bother. I came across the Cheerz app (formerly Polabox) and thought I’d give it a go n see what the fuss was about.  Below is how the app looks – you can buy a few different types of prints which is handy, but I would personally only be interested in polaroid type ones or the magnets. This time I ordered 26 polaroid prints. This cost me a total of £9.10 with posting included in the price, and I could pay for it all via paypal. (Bonus, yay!)


Photo 01-07-2015 01 29 16 (1)The coolest feature for me personally is the option to customise each print, you can even pick the font! Woo!
The editor looks a wee bit like this on the apple system – not sure if its the same for others.
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They arrived quite quickly. I’d tell you how long but I honestly don’t know. They were one of those late night purchases, that you just do. You know.. the wee few pound purchases on ebay of things that you feel will COMPLETE your life.. but end up in a drawer with the other couple’a’quid ebay late night buys. Anyway.. these came in a cute little envelope with nice colours and stuffs on the front which I didnt take a picture of. This is how they look.
They are really really glossy which I love, some people might not.
How they look.
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I absolutely love them. They’re so adorable. I wasn’t sure how to put them up on the wall, I knew I wanted them on the wall but didn’t want to put drawing pins through them all or blu tac on my wall. Then I remembered I had some Jute String and those mini wooden pegs – and WALLAH. This is how they turned out.
  Me and the brother back in the dayPhoto 30-06-2015 00 26 41 (1)Photo 30-06-2015 00 26 26 (1)Photo 30-06-2015 00 26 12 (1)
Wee addition of Max pointing to the spiderman costume (superhero daft so he is!)
Photo 30-06-2015 00 25 13 (1)
I’ll definitely be using the app again. I absolutely love it. The ease of use on the app is second to none – you can pay by paypal – no delivery fees. They are one of the few services out there that I really couldn’t suggest an improvement. Perhaps the only thing I’d be questioning is why they changed from Polabox to Cheerz.. as polabox seems much more fitting. I’d honestly highly recommend you get yourself the app and order some things especially if you’re like me and everythings saved into a black hole of data on a hard drive somewhere.
Thanks for reading!

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