Fitbit charge HR & Myfitnesspal Review

Ok.. seeing as I’ve STILL not started my proper.. calculated.. diet. I’ve decided to treat myself and get a fancy shindiggery wrist watch pedometery sleep tracker thingymabob.
It comes in the form of the purple Fitbit Charge HR.
There’s a few different types of trackers available from fitbit. Theres the fitbit one, fitbit flex, fitbit charge, fitbit charge HR, and the fitbit surge. I already have the fitbit one but my trouble with it was that I kept forgetting it and  when I didnt forget to take it, I’d forget to charge it so I’d end up leaving it at home anyway. It dropped of a few times quite easily too so when they brought the flex out it did seem like a good option – only the downside being that the fitbit flex didn’t have a display – You’d have to check your stats on the phone app. Anyway, this was the case as far as I knew until recently when I looked them back up – didn’t know they’d brought out new models! The fitbit charge is basically the one combined with the flex – a wearable display with the added functions of a watch in it. I went for the charge HR which has a heart rate monitor in it too. I’m a total data looney and love charts – so the heart rate function seemed pretty cool. I didn’t think the extra tools and stuff available in the surge was worth the extra expense and the surge did look a bit too bulky for my liking so this is why I picked the charge HR.
This is what comes in the box. A startup guide, the tracker itself, USB charging cable, and the wireless connecter to connect it to your computer.
To use fitbit you need to download the fitbit app. I love the app personally. On the app you can track est. calories you’ve burned that day, your sleep, steps, how much water you’ve drank. It’s a great app. You can also use it for setting up silent alarms – which are great during the summer holidays – an hour or so in the morning before the kids wake up is Bliss.
Here’s a few screenshots of the app in use
Photo 05-07-2015 19 10 05 Photo 05-07-2015 19 09 11 Photo 05-07-2015 19 10 20
Now for tracking calories – fitbit does have an app, however I find it to be much worse than the myfitnesspal app. Luckily for fitbit users, you can sync between the two. Myfitnesspal is so easy to use – you can even scan the barcodes of the thing you’re eating and just specify your portion size.
This is how myfitnesspal looks on the website. You can add friends who can see your progress.  You can use myfitnesspals automatically calculated calorie amount or you can set your own goals.
This is how it looks on the app.
Photo 05-07-2015 21 49 43 Photo 05-07-2015 21 49 47
Its so user friendly and really easy to see how it works. I actually have the fitbit scales too, they’re called the Aria scales. I’ve had them for over a year, When I weigh myself – it sends the information through wifi to my fitbit account, which updates MFP aswell. It’s super! I think it was around £90 when I bought it, not sure how much it costs now.
Overall I think they’re super together, the aria, fitbit tracker (any will do- whichever suits!) and myfitness pal. Might seem a bit much, but the three together for someone like me is heavenly! I’d recommend all three to anyone who wants to track how active they are or treats getting their daily step total like a game

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