Horrorblock Jan 2016

This is the first time I’ve received a subscription box. I ordered it to me from me. Naturally, I went for 3 though – Lootcrate, nerdblock horror, and nerdblock classic. So far this is the only one I’ve received. Now as you will probably be fed up of hearing I am on a diet.. losing weight sucks but these boxes are a further way of motivation for me personally as I’ve ordered the shirts to come in smaller sizes. Which will essentially save me money as I’d have bought similar shirts anyway.. (totally not excusing purchases here.. honestly..)

Horrorblock January 2016

So firstly there’s the They Live movie shirt which is celebrating the fabulous John Carpenter’s birthday apparently. Looks epic right?
Baby eats you alive head. This is pretty cool. Definitely has the creepfactor and it’ll sit on a shelf in my room
A horrorblock exclusive cleaver keyring, pretty snazzy. It will look cool next to my Jason voodoo dolls string keyring. Not one to be spotted with at the school gates
Then there’s the gravestone phone holder – it is cute. It’s very light though and whenever I pick up my phone if the charger is plugged in and tucked underneath it lifts the holder up which is a minor inconvenience of course but I’ll probably make do with a couple strips of velcro or something to hold it down.
Carrie film Cell bookmark. I might use this in one of my planners as I’m not a huge book reader to be fair.
Featuring Mario ^
Lastly the Rue Morgue issue which I’ve not got round to reading.. maybe the bookmark will come in handy for these.
Overall I’m pretty stoked with everything in the box. Definitely worth it in my opinion and I’m already looking forward to the next one, which is apparently walking dead / zombie themed, woo!

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