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Photo Storage

Photo storage has always been the bane of my life. I have all my photographs stored in these hard drives in files labeled by years and recently I’ve felt like I need actual photographs to hand. Nothing beats sitting sprawling over your favourite photos – and lets be honest no one whips out the hard drive and looks through a bazillion copies now do they? No.
So naturally, I’m going to print them off. However I am also burdened with a ridiculous hatred of clutter. So I thought about photobooks, but they seem to take too long to order and a lot of faffing about and yada yada. I then looked into storage options, and I decided to get myself a photo chest.

Photo Chests

 I came across a few on Amazon but these are the two I’ve picked. The one the the left is by far my favourite. The one on the right is for extra loose prints that arent going into the left one (ignore my ever so tidy desk please)
The first one has these snazzy lift out slots. I can label each one individually. It’s great! I’m going to label by year and fill with my  favourite photos. The one on the right is for the extra prints I have and the unorganised ones.
This is how it lifts out, and you have the little photo slips attached for putting in your photographs.
So I’ve not yet sorted out through the photographs yet. I’ll hopefully have this done by the end of the month. Then I’ll be able to order prints and get this box filled up! Can’t wait.
 These were bought from Amazon.

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