Reasons why you shouldn’t join talktalk.

I was with sky. Happily. Kinda, a little expensive considering I only really use the internet and not the TV. So upon reviewing ones yearly finances, I decided I may as well save some dolla on my broadband bundle and switch to a cheaper alternative. (Worked out about £30 a month cheaper without TV) So I booked to switch.

Here’s a breakdown of how things have gone so far

01/08/2016 – go live date confirmed. I’ll go live on the 11th of August. They issued a modem. Standard practice is to fit the modem at night on the date you go active.

11/08/2016 – Comes and goes – my sky internet stopped working around 7pm so I assumed the switch was taking place (as letters state the switch can happen anytime up until midnight)
12/08/2016 – AM – I called them and got through to a call centre abroad, and told them both my phone and broadband weren’t working. I found it difficult to understand what they were saying and they found it difficult to pick up my accent too but we get there eventually – I was informed my information was being passed on and someone would call me back in 72 hours. (72 hours?! Yes)
12/08/2016 – PM – Phone line starts working – broadband doesn’t. I call them. They book an engineer out to look at the set up inside.
15/08/2016 – (still no phone call) Engineer comes, is blatantly confused as to why he’s been booked as it’s a fault on the line. Checks set up – calls Talk talk who then pass him between a few teams – at this point even THEIR OWN engineer is getting annoyed at the customer service team. I eventually speak to them myself and they say they do not know why it’s not working and will phone me back by 24 hours time. Engineer apologises. Says he has to go and he’s sorry he can’t do more.
 – 16/08/2016 – PM – I call them – asking why I haven’t been called. No one seems to know why I am expecting a call. I complain again. I’m incredibly angry at this point. They suggest sending out an engineer. This was the last straw- I asked to cancel.
 – 16/08/2016– PM Get put through to cancelations, and funnily enough the first clear spoken British call centre. After constantly being told I cannot speak to a technical team (that they have to call me) I am suddenly offered to be transferred through to someone who can assist in technical faults. This enraged me. I tell them I’m moving back with sky, and he practically tried speaking over me to say he was transfering me through at that point I was almost shouting at him on the phone that I did not care if they fixed the line I would be leaving anyway, they tell me they can cancel the line completely or leave it open for sky to take over the line. I agree to this on the basis that I will be outwith the contract even though the switchover is more than 2 weeks ahead of my activation date.

19/08/2016– Not received the returns bag, phone them back. No record of my conversation / notes on the account regarding cancelling whatsoever – speak to a manager – he has no idea how my phone can be active but broadband not, practically called me a liar! Manager basically said to me after looking into it that the broadband wasn’t active because BT hasn’t activated it. No offer of a BT engineer to come out though. Confirmed I wanted to cancel again, spoke to cancelations who had the audacity to tell me I should pay my bill when it comes – even though I don’t have any services. And even stated they’d waiver the Early Termination fees, even though I’m well within my rights to cancel a contact by notifying them of my wish to do so within 14 days. He’s meant to have sent out another bag (aint holding my breath!) He even tried to suggest I’d get the same issues with sky as it runs on the same line. I stopped him in his tracks and stated I was a sky customer for the last 8 years, and never once had a fault with my phone & Broadband. Completely passing the buck!

Edit20/08/2016 – It went on at 2am, a few hours after I spoke to a manager – clearly whatever the fault was it wasn’t related to a BT Openreach engineer as they’d said as my mother happens to live right next to the one that controls our line and no engineer was in sight. Ridiculous length of time to wait. More than happy going back to sky.


Ok. So Talk talk put an order on the line – it cancelled sky’s order – I’ve rebooked it today no idea when I’ll get sky. My line with talk talk also went down. From the 11th I’ve had 4 days of Internet. From the 20th till yesterday. 2 engineers. About 9gazillion customer service folk who seem to think switching it off for half an hour will fix it, who still ask if I’m phoning from the landline even tho I just told them there’s no dial tone 2 seconds beforehand. 3 managers. There’s already another fault on the line.

Avoid Talktalk like the plague. 😁 I honestly can’t believe how ridiculous it is. I asked them if I’m going to be billed and they’ve said that I will be and they’ll charge me for the days it’s active (all 4 of them so far) Talk talk are a fucking joke. It’s beyond words at this point. I’m a very patient person. Today I ended up cutting the call myself after 3 calls each over 45 minutes. I don’t want to risk them buggering up the sky order on the line. I’ll do without until sky take over the line.

26/08/2016 – Missed a call from talk talk, received a voicemail saying my line is now active and broadband should be working, got home and no dialtone still so obviously no broadband. I called them. The call centre staff informed me that the engineer checked the line and stated the line was connected fine so there was no faults at BTs side. Once again, ticket updated 24-72 hours for a callback. I then received a text message as follows –

(Lol.. personal hotspot – that’s my computer cause talk talks internet is Shit)

Absolutely beyond belief! Not sure why I got texts from two different numbers talktalk use but there you go – even the automated services are a fucking joke at best. With timestamps. I called them to book an engineer incase it was the faulty system and I got through to a lady who said they need to “confirm when engineer times are” and I’ll get a call back within…24-72 hours once again. Quelle Surprise! So I asked why I was sent a message saying to call and book one and she said it was an error on the system (even though I’ve to wait up to 72 hours to be given an appointment).

That’s just to book it..No idea how long it will be before it actually occurs as I’m 90% certain they’ll be ridiculously overbooked due to untrained staff dealing with calls. For the love of all that is sane. Do not get talk talk. If you value your sanity DO NOT get talk talk!

Normally it’d be like water of a ducks back, but literally everything I have at home relies on wifi. It’s so infuriating to be told 72 hours for a call back EVERY TIME you update a fault.

30/08/16 – No fucking call back again, I phoned them and they had the cheek to ask me why I hadn’t booked an engineer when I got the text message. Explained the situation. They done a line test. “oh there’s a fault on the line” No shit sherlock. BT engineer going to sort it out apparently. Tells me he’s phoning me back in 3 days Time. I get a text message saying they’re calling me back on my landline phone number. You know.. the one that’s dead. Its fucking comical. Talk talk are beyond useless. At this point the only reason I keep phoning them is because I’m certainly not paying any fucking line rental or broadband to them at all so will keep reminding them of the faults till I’m with sky.

Sky confirmed they’re going live on the 9th, and this time I even have a new number included. They are currently the small light at the end of my internetless tunnel.  I really hope sky can take back the line without any issues. Even if there’s a delay – at least their customer services seem to know what they’re doing 90% of the time!


So, 9 days without, 4 days with, and now currently 2 days without..
– The only British based customer service representative I’ve spoken to was the cancellations department.
– Lack of empathy from CSA’s
– CSA’s do not always leave notes regarding your conversations with them.
– Promised call backs from managers 3 times in total – have not received a single solitary call
– Their own engineer thinks the customer service team are an absolute shambles
– The technical team is non existent (so it seems!)- every time I phoned my fault got raised and someone had to call me back. (Which has never happened yet, so I’m yet to experience the service when they call you)
–  No one takes ownership of calls. I called on the 16th & stated I hadn’t received a call back as promised on the 12th within 72 hours, and I was told he’d “update the ticket” I’d receive a call back within 72 hours! It’s almost comical.
So yeah talk talk do have bargains for their broadband bundles currently, and if you are considering switching to them, just take into consideration just what these discounts are going to cost you in time and sanity if you happen to have a fault.

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