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Anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely love Instagram. I admittedly don’t post as often as I should but I’m never off there nosing at what’s going on in other people’s lives. I find it difficult to manage photos on my phone.. So Instagram is often a lifesaver, the trouble is once they’re on there the printable copies usually get lost amongst the thousands of photos on your phone so you never get round to printing them really.

At least that was the case.. until Inkifi got in contact with me and introduced me to the service they offer. They let me create an Instagram framed print for reviewing. They have many, many options but this was by far my favourite.



The Website

As soon as you get on the website you can see various options for the store, finding the type of item you want just doesn’t get easier. It’s a very clean, visually appealing site and surprisingly easy to navigate around. I’ve tried many photobook printing services and found they often crashed or were just so clunky, but I can honestly say the Inkifi site really is top notch.

Products available

There’s so many options.. From polaroid vintage prints and photo strip style prints (love!), to huge gallery posters and framed prints. They even have fine art printing options (handy for myself!)

Make it your own

I decided to go for the 16″ x 16″ square framed Instagram print. It was one of the first styles that popped up on the site and I just loved how it looked. You have the option to chose between 2 sizes, 12″x12″ (£36) or 16″x16″ (£45). Then you can chose between a black, white, natural or brown frame finish.  Lastly, you don’t need to pick 9 images although I will say I love how 9 images looks – it’s stunning you won’t regret going with 9, I’m sure having more or less is fine but as an artist the rule of thirds just sticks out a mile to me so I went with 9. If you prefer otherwise you can chose to have 1, 4, 9, 16 or 25 images on one framed print instead. So yeah, there really is lots of “make it your own” options when you’re ordering.


Ordering Process

So in regards to the actual process.. You chose your options and click create your frame and up pops an introduction video to how Inkifi’s online picture service works. (It’s very self explanatory to be fair, but a nice touch) You can add your files straight from your computer or the easiest and most convenient option, straight from Instagram. Select your photos, and then the site uploads them to a sidebar which allows you to drag and drop and re-organise them how you see fit in your image. Once your happy with the image, bish bash bosh put your order through and it comes in a few days time.


Finished product

The print arrived extremely well packaged. The pictures are spot on. Exactly how they look on Instagram. The frame is of such good quality too. I normally would order a frame and print separately as I find a lot of companies charge over the top for a basic service. I’m more than happy with the value provided by Inkifi. The ease of service, as well as the quality of the print, the quality of the frame – it’s just such great value. Especially considering you can order an easy to order, gorgeously framed print for as little as £36. I honestly love the one I’ve received, so much so that soon enough I’m going to order one to sit alongside this one in due time.

inkifi instagram framed print


So yeah, if you’re looking to order a similar framed print yourself the link is here.
Alternatively, the rest of their products are available on their website here.




Disclosure: I received a free Framed Instagram Print from Inkifi in exchange for writing a review on my blog, the views are entirely my own and not influenced in any way. 


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