Super Low calorie noodles? Yes please – Slim Noodles Review

Miracle Noodles?

We’ve all heard of Shirataki noodles or miracle noodles or whatever they’re being called lately. I was looking to try them and had a look around online and came across two easily buyable brands in the UK one was barenaked noodles, the other was these Slim noodles by Eat Water, which happened to be in the penny sale at Holland and Barrett so me being the thrifty so and so that I am, I went for the buy one get one for a penny option.

Eat Water’s Slim Noodles

Yeah you’re reading that right! Per 100g there’s 9 calories, so for the whole 270g pack you’re 24 calories.. comparing that to asda rice noodles which are 137cals per 100g, or egg noodles 167 cals per 100g, even asdas smart price chicken instant noodles are 111 cals per 100g.
There must be a catch right? Well. There kinda is.. when you open the pack they’re inside a further pack. Now the reason for that is, that they’re packaged in a slightly fishy smelling liquid so they retain their texture and so they stay fresh I think.. possibly.. However you are meant to rinse the noodles before using them. I rinsed mines a few times with really fast cold water in a sieve as I was without a colander and I’m pretty sure they’d have went through it if I used one. When the fishy smell was no more I popped my farmfoods stirfry veg into the pan, followed by my prawns and then the noodles, finished it of with spices and some sauce.
It was bloody great. Take into account that this wok is huge! I weighed everything to make sure the amounts were correct. Those are King Prawns not the small ones and I had the whole lot for less than 400calories. So good.
Here’s my  MyFitnessPal breakdown of the meal.   
I read a few reviews online.. Slim Noodles seem to be favoured in things such as stirfrys and soups where the noodles will soak up the sauce (mainly asian style foods). I’m not convinced to try them in anything other than stirfrys personally as the texture is definitely different. It does however make you chew more but it’s not necessarily a bad thing, nor is the texture non palatable either as long as you allow the sauce to cook in or coat them fully they should taste perfectly fine.

Gluten free, Fat Free, Sugar Free.. They sure are!

I done a bit of research into them online, now bearing in mind these noodles are not only gluten free, sugar free and fat free but they actually leave you feeling full too. Made from a vegetable extract called Moyo (or Konjac) which has apparently been used for decades in Asia for its weight loss benefits. The noodles actually swell inside the stomach making you feel fuller for up to four hours.
Eat Water also makes Slim Pasta Penne, Slim rice, Slim Pasta Spaghetti, Slim Pasta Fettuccine alongside the Slim Noodles. Voted product of the year in the consumer survey of product innovation. They also won in the healthy food category.
You can find out more about the range here


Suitable for gluten sensitivity and Coeliacs, Vegans & Vegetarians & Diabetics
Extremely low calorie compared to alternatives
Easy to cook – take it out the packs, rinse loads, throw in a pan.
Good source of Fibre


The texture is notably different than everyday noodles.
Definitely not the greatest tasting noodles in the world
Low nutritional content
Quite pricey! I got them practically half price and they were still more expensive than bog standard noodles.
Overall I’d absolutely keep this in my cupboard for the days where I am struggling with keeping my calories low. Or even when I want to pig out for dinner but still have a tasty and reasonably low calorie meal. If the price was lower, then I’d probably be more likely to use them in meals regularly.

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