Using the apple watch with the fitbit app

Apple watch with fitbit app

From the perspective of an Apple fan who loves the Fitbit app

Okay, so I ordered myself an apple watch for my 25th. I make no secret of the fact that I love apple software (Everything is apple at home practically). I’ve not really got into the watch apps and things yet but I absolutely adore it so far, it’s just so handy and so much more awesome looking than its predecessor  (my skin-irritating fitbit charge HR; which I admittedly still loved!) I just wanted the extras the apple watch offers.
Apple watch so far hasn’t irritated my skin so I’m not sure what was causing it but I digress. There are a few decent fitness/health type apps which seem to allow data sharing amongst every other related app. Running apps, food logging apps, even the apps for wifi scales. For some reason Fitbit has decided it’s not sharing info to and from apple healthkit which is pretty much apples tracking app (which logs the steps of the apple watch).
Workarounds? Well there are some that have worked for others, but I can’t seem to get them to work at all. (And I am tech savvy, and have paid for two different apps to try – both tripe) An app called sync solver claims to solve the syncing problem between the two however fitbit doesn’t take into account the steps synced from the watch – only the steps synced from your phone. The steps synced from the watch don’t display in the fitbit phone app either – only on the dashboard online! Which is bloody ridiculous. Even if you do miraculously manage to get your steps to sync – only the steps calculated using a fitbit product count towards the challenges if you’ve added friends.
Now I’ve had the Zip, fitbit one, the Aria scale and also the fitbit charge HR which I plan to give to my mum. So it’s not like I haven’t been supporting fitbit sufficiently by buying their products. Yet, they are still limiting me by not allowing or accepting data from apple watch. I do love the fitbit app interface and it’s so incessantly irritating that I’m going to either have to input everything manually or use the fitbit one clip on I’ve got lying around somewhere simply because they are refusing to allow their users to transfer data between the apps. (I’m not sure if it’s them or apple preventing it)
I wouldn’t mind paying a premium to use the software with my apple watch. Considering I have purchased their products in the past I don’t think they should be penalising past users who chose to use alternative products by not allowing their data to transfer to their app.

Sucks big time! So yeah, again either going to use my fitbit one with my watch – or look around for comparable IOS app.

Edit: I ended up giving away the apple watch a few months down the line! – I went for a Fitbit Blaze which does everything that I actually used the apple watch for. I’d recommend considering how likely you are going to use a smart watch. For me, my phone was just as convenient and I missed the tracking abilities of Fitbit.


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