Music Recommendations : October

Music Recommendations october

Does anyone else find that their choice of music varies greatly on whatever shits going on in their life? ‘Cause I totally do. Queue looking longingly out car windows pretending you’re in a music video.. or something.. totally don’t do that (I do)  I happen to have quite a vast taste in music you see. Other than the err.. club type music (the proper bangy..stuff) eloquently put, Terri .. I give most genres a shot. I’m terrible at naming music genres so I’ve decided I’m gonna pap up the few new music videos I’ve discovered and maybe share a few trusty old favourites. Not really sure why I’m doing this to be fair. I like music. Everyone likes music, right?


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Moose Blood – Knuckles

I absolutely adore the video for the original. Give it a watch.

However, I’ve got to admit.. my love is definitely with their acoustic version of this song. This is the Live one.
The studio acoustic version is on their album ‘Stay Beautiful’, and also on spotify. I can’t seem to find the acoustic studio version on youtube, but this one will do for now.


Halsey – Colors

Okay, we’re going straight for the stripped version, the other has got too many wee random sounds added and for me personally it’s just too much going on. Her voice is plenty enough. If you like, give the original a shot – videos a tad risque. About a lassie who’s in love with her boyfriend / fiance / husbands dad.

Cracking song.


Tove Lo – Stay High

An older song, absolutely love this song.
Video is.. a bit emotional to be fair, but it’s just one of those songs I could listen to anytime, anymood.


Reigning Days – Friendly Fire

I recently discovered this band, and it’s so familiar.
I can’t put my finger on which band it is they remind me of.
This song is rad though


Kings of Leon – Walls

I dunno what it is about Kings of Leon, I absolutely love them.
They do alternative rock amazingly well, but walls is their softer side. Them stripped bare and is a definite genre tinkerer as it has elements of a few. His voice seems full of despair in it and it’s such an eargasm.


Now, as you can all tell by now my taste is obviously FABULOUS.
And that’s it for this months round up.
What music are you listening to right now?


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