How to get out the habit of buying shit you don’t need

Get out the habit of buying shit you dont need

I can’t be the only one, who at one point looks around and thinks why in the fuck did I buy that, and that.. and that. I’m such a Stocker of “stuff”. I don’t mean clothes, shoes or other general materialistic things. Infact, I rarely buy new clothes as Im on a diet and refuse to.. err waste the money. I’m on about buying things like.. bleach. I’ve currently got like 5 bottles in the cupboard and I still bought more because it was on offer. There’s enough dog food should a zombie apocalypse occur they’d be fine. Around 25 fucking packs of frozen veg in my freezer. I have 3 laundry baskets. I dont even know why I have 3 laundry baskets but somehow I’ve ended up buying them. I’ve bought a shit ton of screws (yes.. the metal things) even though I genuinely never use them my brother does all that shit so the possibility of me getting through them is just not. I bought 3 boxes of sterile wound dressings in different sizes.

There’s so much stuff that I have.. that I don’t really particularly NEED. Having extra in is great, and a lifesaver when you’re skint but it’s a bit of a piss take at times. I’m 90% sure this whole “STOCK THE THINGS” attitude is due to when I was young, being a 17 year old mother to twins was very difficult, I ran out of things a lot, I had no money a lot. Their father didn’t help matters.. but hey the past is the past. So why do I still feel the need to buy things “just incase“.

Grocery shopping has to be the worst for me personally. I spend so much time every week wondering what I should cook for us for the next week then Meal planning said shit with mathematical precision on a fucking spreadsheet of all things, then buying said shit for my meal plan – then not actually using them & repeat & repeat.. until I have a chest freezer full of unused shit that’s not seen the light of day since I raked for the corn on the cobs at the bottom in 1995 OK a slight exaggeration I’d have been 4 then but still..  

Question is,  How do we get out the habit of buying shit we don’t need?
Well, naturally I’ve done a wee bit of googling and the thing that pops up most is the word “Minimalist”. “Minimalise yer surroundings Terri”. “If you don’t like it, put it in the bleedin’ bin Terri”. Well that’s all jolly well n good, but they are useful items in general, just not useful right now. Currently they’re the bane of my existence and taking up useful “Seasonal..” storage space.

I’m at a bit of a loss. Just gone and done another big shop online for groceries and spent more than I probably should stocking up shit but it’s made me realise it’s kinda in my head..I don’t need it and I know I don’t need it. There’s no reason I couldn’t live of the shit in the freezer for a month at the very least. Also prefer when everything’s easy. It’s easier to look at a website online and order your groceries than it is to dig at the bottom of a freezer. That’s the bottom line. I’m pretty sure that’s why I don’t. I hold my hands up I’m a lazy bitch. So I’ve decided once the shopping comes tomorrow I am only going to get online orders for bulky items that I need a lot of – and only when I need them. (Pet food / water / Juice) Everything else I’m gunna haul my ass to the shop for. Instead of meal planning via looking at recipes – I’m going to meal plan via looking in my bloody freezer.

So to summarize.

Check what you’ve got

Having so much in my freezer that I can’t see what I already have is detrimental to my “Stop buying shit” plans, so naturally I’m going to check what I already have first.


We all love Tesco, right?  But tesco e-mailing you their special offers is a bit of a pain in the arse if your plan is to not spend money. So I’m going to unsubscribe to these kinds of e-mails.

Buy what you need now

If laundry capsules are down to £2 and you already have a stockpile of 4 boxes do you really need them.. right now? No. There are always offers on. Unless it’s Buy two for a reduced rate (And genuinely saving you money for now) You really don’t need more than 2 at home at any given time.


Avoid. Avoid the sales?! I hear you gasp. Yes! A sale product doesn’t count unless you were going there with the intention to buy it anyway. Hooking you in with a reduced rate doesn’t mean you’ve saved money. It means you’ve spent money on a product that has a reduced price that you probably wouldn’t have bought anyway.

The above applies to any impulse buys, treat them the same way. Apart from fresh foods I can’t see me needing much from the stores for a while now.
Which is totally handy for the upcoming chubby festive dudes arrival.

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