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Nothing motivates me more than a great big old to-do list. It’s like having a list of achievements sitting ready for you to just tick of when they’re done and an empty todo list is a day well spent, with some well earned me time at the end of the day.
Portrait of U.S. statesman, inventor, and diplomat Benjamin Franklin as he looks on one hundred dollar bill obverse. Clipping path included.
In the words of Benjamin Franklin  “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.
I find that I work better with lists (I have lists for everything). Unfortunately I also have a terrible memory so organisation is most definitely the key to me completing everything I want done, and avoiding procrastination and plain old forgetting about it. Otherwise I’ll check an e-mail and be distracted by apps on my phone n have naff all done come the end of the day.
I had to figure out the LAZIEST way to be well organised. Checklists are all fun n dandy untill it comes to actually using them – they can also be a bit daunting too. I asked myself what it was that I actually wanted to organise and keep track off or even just motivate myself to do.
Personally, I want to:
– Keep on top of housework
– Keep on top of appointments
– Track daily calories + exercise (diet)
– Motivate myself to blog
– Motivate myself to practice arts
– Meal plan (less spending money on takeaways! Also best for the diet haha)
After looking at various apps and planners and stuff. I’ve cut it down to using 3 planners and an app.
Which sounds a bit much but work with me!
Planner one
Week to View Geometry style planner with notes. This was £4 from tesco. You can get it by clicking here  
Diary   diary
Not the prettiest, but oh so functional. It has a nifty little zippy pocket attached to the back.
I love the note section, next to the weekly section. (weekly checklist anyone?)
I want to use this planner for
– Organising housework – by using a weekly checklist in the notes section.
– Our meal plan On the left under each day – Print + store any recipes for the week inside the zippy bit.
– Writing down my calorie count for the day – I’ll use my fitness pal to tally them up.
– A weekly exercise checklist on the right – I hope to aim for 3 hour sessions a week.
To help I’ve made myself a little spreadsheet with the non daily housework chores and a plan for them that is split between four weeks. This is stuck behind the front page in the planner. All of the coloured boxes are when a task should be done. Here’s a snippet to give you an idea. (Bug is my lizard incase you’re wondering!)
Cleaning spreadsheet
I’m thinking using this method – I can look at each weeks tasks and list them on the notes section and check them of as I go along. It’ll probably push me to get them done quicker!
Planner two
Another week view planner, no notes this time! – This one’s £3 from tesco once again. You can get it by clicking here
  Diary Diary
The purpose of this one is to motivate me to be creative.
In this I want to PLAN
– Blog posts
– Artwork
– Following art tutorials to learn new methods
– anything DIY / Craftsy
– Planning time to do any of the billion pinterest crafty things I want to do.
I’ve aptly named it my creative planner. (I’m a literary genius, I know!) This is going to be used for things that I definitely want to do, whether its related to blog posts, or drawing something or painting or whatever. I’m going to write a brief idea of what I want to do and I’m going to just get them done! This will probably stay on my desk (where anything remotely creative gets done).
Lastly a plain old Day to view one. I actually already had this so I’m not 100% sure where it’s from.
But any diary with a day to a page would work the same.
diary   diary
This is going to be the one I take with me all the time. It has a full A5 page per day.
This is what I’ll use to “Plan tomorrow”. I want to sit down the night before – look over my weekly planner,
and decide what I can fit into the next day. Anything I want to remind myself through the day will be jotted into this. Any random bouts of inspiration or ideas – they’ll go in here too!
This is kinda optional.. I mean nowadays everyone does use their phone but my trouble is when I use my phone for notes I forget I’ve took them. Having something I actually need to look at is a big thing for me.
So- I’ve planned my day out the night before and everything’s jotted down. The only trouble is with it being jotted down am I really going to whip out a great ruddy big book every time I do something to check it off? No.. I’m not. I prefer seeing my plan laid out in front of me which is why I chose to write it into a daily planner.
I use an app called (There’s a web based version too click here – which is great as you can set it up the night before using the laptop and it will sync to your phone app, but it’s just as easy on the app)
Here’s a snippet video from the producers showing some of the other cool stuff it can do – it’s such a good app considering it’s free.

This is how it looks on the iphone.
File 02-06-2015 18 13 32
Crisp clean, and best of all simple!
My favourite feature of all however is the widget feature in the pull down Today / Notification menu on the iphone. I can easily check my phone and tick of tasks I’ve completed, or add new ones if I think of them through the day. What’s great about it is it doesnt require the app to open when you’re crossing them off (which some task apps do.)
File 02-06-2015 18 14 11
If you’ve noticed my planners are 2015-2016 planners – which thankfully enough means they don’t start until the middle / end of June. I’m getting myself into a routine of just getting on with things for now. I have a music festival next week, one that I plan to go to religiously (Also the only days of the year that I’m childfree!) Then when the school holidays begin I’m off to my dad’s caravan for a week or two. So there wouldn’t be much point of it starting now anyway.
So yeah, with my three trusty planners and my phone in hand – I’m hoping to make the most out of my year off. Of course, I’m always open to suggestions, so if you have any feel free to leave them in the comments!

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