Bullet Journal : What the fuck is bullet Journalling?

This is a question I found myself asking after coming across a snazzy looking wee diary planner on pinterest.
Currently I am using my 3 book system – one for weekly planning, one for daily planning and one for creative planning because to me combining them all into one would leave a planner an UTTER MESS. I hate how on days where I don’t need to plan anything I waste whole pages in the book – and I’m using 3! It is difficult to remember to bring notebooks and planning with 3 open books is a bit of a pain in the arse. It has worked for me though, and I haven’t came across another system that would seem to work better for me.. until now!
I’ve read about them briefly and just assumed it was some sort of app to be honest, everything seems an to be an app these days. Turns out it’s a system created by these guys which is essentially a DIY planner/journal/diary/notetaker all in one – and can be anything you want it to.

How does it work

All you need is a pen and a notebook essentially. Pinterest tells me people prefer the grid paper notebooks or even dotted ones. I must admit it does look snazzier using dotted. There are official ones available, but they seem to be sold out the now. To be fair you’d probably be cheaper finding one locally.
Getting the drift?
I think the great thing about it is they can be as simple or as detailed as you like. There’s no limits, you can use a whole 4 pages if you need to. There’s also no waste as you can have 1 or 2 tasks, without having large blank spaces left. You fill it in as you go along. You’re utilising the whole book. Have a look on instagram or pinterest and you’ll see there’s loads of ideas and organising pages and snippets people have done.
I’ve ordered myself two of these, which seems to be the best buy. They have more pages than most of the others I’ve seen. The notebook is grid ruled. Pages are numbered and it has a few snazzy extras. A bit more expensive than any old notebook, but I’m absolutely sure any old notebook would work just as well.
You can find the one above or similar on Amazon… The brown one is going to be for planning everything with the kids. Including what house tasks I should do, reminders, shopping lists and all that jazz. The yellow one I’ll use for creative things including college. They should arrive tomorrow and I’ll post an update with how I get on using this system in time. Right now I’m away to make a board full of bullet journaling inspiration on pinterest.
Happy planning!

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