Weight loss Wednesday: an intro

Ok. I’ve not actually started yet. After all there’s always next week and a rogue donut or three in the fridgeIf you’ve read any more than a few posts you’ll know I struggle with losing weight. I’ve been so stressed lately with college and a whole lot of other hoo-ha (see here) that losing weight has just been firmly stuck on the back burner.. I’m sure I’ve gained a fair amount of what I’d lost back, but that’s okay ’cause I’m pulling me socks up. It’s always been a goal of mines so I will do my damnedest.  I have a major move coming soon (house move) but I have no idea how soon that will be so there’s no point in holding back till then. Once I’m 100% set on an idea I can usually follow through, so absolutely no more excuses! I’ve decided to stick with slimming world with a little dash of common sense on the side. (unlimited pasta?) I am going to change groups and give myself a fresh start. I need the push to actually cook things (as apposed to living of freezer foods or the kiddys leftovers, or a multipack of monster munch on bad days) Slimming world will definitely give me that push. I’m going to post some information about slimming world soon, maybe some infographics and things so keep an eye out for that. I’m also going to make a post about preparing myself and how I plan on losing firstly, and most importantly how I’ll keep myself motivated. Are you currently losing weight? Do you follow any plans? What are your top tips?

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Till next week.


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