Joining Slimming World


Well, if you haven’t guessed by the new layout – I joined slimming world. I have had every intention of losing weight but to be honest just been a fucking pig not sticking to it. One thing that motivates me though is accountability and without somewhere like slimming world, I’d have none of that here! So, for the sake of not mortifying myself I know I’ll stick to it.


I also started a youtube channel   (SCRATCH THAT, I CHANGED MY MIND) where I plan to yap about my progress each week. I was thinking about making a separate instagram for Slimming world purposes – but I decided that would be too much faffing about and one account would get ignored so I’m doing both my personal and slimming world stuff on my teaterriandtwo account. I’ve only just started it really, not formed an opinion of the plan yet but it’s very positive! I’ll say that much, anyone thinking about joining should give it a go. My consultant is lovely! There’s lots of the information available free online – only trouble is you might have to do the work to be able to calculate syns in some of the food, OR you can pay for an online plan and get access to slimming worlds database which has most popular brands listed with their syn values. So yeah, feeling fairly positive about it! Weigh ins are on monday, so will most likely update Tuesday or Wednesdays with my progress 😀

Do any of you do slimming world, any hints or tips for a newbie? x





  1. 20th January 2017 / 10:40 pm

    I’m with you lady! Literally. I’m a total greedy cow but re(for the kazillionth time)joined a few months ago. Determined to lose. I am however eating way too much pasta and SW chips. Ffs.

    Nothing tastes better than skinny feels.


    Good luck xx (haven’t really shared that for obvious reasons lol)

    • 20th January 2017 / 10:55 pm

      Aha, that’s amazing! Just read it, hilariously relatable! I lose around 2 stone then comes the “back on it next week..” attitude – then usually about one month or so and around a stone later I’m back at it, rinse & repeat. Couldn’t get my head around pasta and potatoes being free – Going to try not to take advantage of it haha.

      Being fat still feels better than eating quark.
      (Very much not a lie! haha)

      Good luck to you too Laura xxx

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