Rejoining Slimming World : Third Time Lucky – Weightloss Wednesday

I am quite a stubborn person. Sometimes it’s a bad thing, but I’m proud of my stubbornness today. I told you about my plans to rejoin Slimming World in the introduction to this series. I’ve now rejoined for the third time this year. (Third time lucky I hope) I lost around three stone in total overall, barely stuck to plan doing so and I have put around two of those back on in the last few months being at college. I am way too comfortable using the “I’m a busy person” excuse. In reality it’s more a case of me being an absolute stress fuelled greedy cunt, ahem, not having the energy or the motivation to cook healthy meals. I’m now in a less busy, less stress fuelled place. I feel more able to meal plan in advance and to make good decisions.


I love the slimming world community that’s on instagram and it’s my daily motivation. Scrolling through the posts on there and finding easy to cook, simple ideas. Meals that actually look edible, and that you won’t need a culinary degree to cook or a year to buy the ingredients. Those are right down my alley. I’ve always thought there should be a collection of very simple recipes or even just easy store bought food combinations for those of us whose culinary skills are nonexistent. I am the person who grabs and goes from Tesco for lunch. The person whose idea of cooking, is banging frozen meatballs and Dolmio in a pot with spaghetti that’s probably been cooked in unsalted water ’cause my kid needed to show me something that was an emergency and cannot wait for the 20th time. It’s probably getting ate cold.


I am a lazy cook. I’ll own up to it. It’s not a field I excel in. Is there an opposite of excel? That’s my experience of cooking. If it’s edible, it’s a bonus. Healthy food can be a bit bland for those of us whose only spice jar is 3 year old Chinese 5 spice jar.  I think a collection of very easy to follow recipes, with as few steps as possible, and not much prep time is what I’ve really been looking for. As much as I have looked, I’ve not been able to find it. I’ve decided to build up a collection of simple stuff on here & on a very empty facebook group – you’ll find it here. I’ll be bunging some ideas together, trying and testing, then simplifying where possible. I’m all about the lazy way. I’ll also post most things to my blogs facebook page, feel free to like it here if you’re interested in seeing posts. I’ll try post them regularly, but they take a fair bit of work to stick together so I’ll build them up over time. Here I go, getting a bit sidetracked here as I tend to do in pretty much every blog post. 


I digress, so I’ve officially rejoined on Monday there (13th of November). This time I decided to try a different group rather than sticking with the other one religiously.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love my other group and the leader dearly. She is just too overly happy and enthusiastic at 9.30am on a Monday morning  for me(bless her soul.) Just not my cup of tea. There are three or four local groups and most of them have a suitable time I can attend. I may switch them around a bit and see if any “click” for me. It’s my very first week as far as I’m concerned and I plan to stick to it religiously. Rather than doing what I always do, and leaving my meals as an afterthought. (After the cleaning is done, after the dogs are fed, after the laundry is folded, after the bins are out) I’ll have it running like clockwork, set times and planned in advanced on the day. That’s my promise to myself. To hold myself accountable, I think I’ll be posting Daily syns & Daily meals & snacks to my instagram, as well as my weigh ins. (Sorry non slimming world following!) Are any you following the plan? What are your top tips?

Edit: For some reason this didnt post on Wednesday, when it was scheduled to. How odd. Alas, here it is. Two days fashionably late.


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