Slimming World: Week 1


I sucked at slimming world this week. I went to my first meeting on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I kinda researched recipes, made myself a nice wee shopping list all prim n proper planned to go and do me shopping and I couldn’t as the spewing plague from hell had attacked and multiplied throughout.  Leon was matrix style vomiting in the back of the taxi on the way home from school on Thursday night. Max was similarly matrix style vomiting off his loft bed the Friday night (of it yes, like a bloody lawn watering spray machine thing, spraying vomit far and wide over the room)  I was cleaning up vomit (one thing I absolutely admit to struggling with.. I can do poop, I can do blood, I can even do rotten mouldy meat or whatever but a bit of vomit and I heave the whole time) So the shopping trip went to shit. I ordered some in but nothing the same as trawling through Aldi and buying your cheap healthy shit, I totally begrudge paying tesco and asda prices now but needs must when you have 2 bug bearers at home.

Bug did only last about a day in each child to be fair, thankfully short and sweet both are fine now and back at school (hooray!). Anyway, I’d done no exercise other than running after the terrible two. I kinda stuck to “already in the freezer” foods, although I still hand sandwiches (bad terri.) The rest of it wasn’t so bad, I used cereals in the morning, and tins of soup as i’d no veg in to make any. I’ve discovered my scaled are buggered. According to my scales I’d stayed the same, but SW scales I’d lost 6lbs! I’m still dubious as to whether the women has somehow epically messed up and under measured me.. is that a thing? Under measuring on slimming world.. anyone? No?

Anyway.. 6lbs off. Ha! I went to the dentist this morning too, and because I thought I’d stayed the same I was considering using the “My dentist appointment was much longer than I anticipated” excuse but I thought, nope! I joined a group to be held accountable so off I trotted on my walk of shame to get an expected gain / maintain, but instead came away with a 6lb loss. Well chuffed! Although this week I am going to work doubly as hard (or just work.. seeing as I genuinely did not last week) just incase it was a scale mishap. If it is correct, then my scales are goin’ in the bin.




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